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PRODUCT NEWS - Biomixer 550

BM550 meets the demands of today and in the future for quality control and traceability. You could supervise BM550 on the PC computer in real time during collection.

• Homogenous mixing of blood and anticoagulant with a
   well-tested mixing procedure.
• Suitable for all blood bags on the market.
• Continuous display of collection time, flow and volume.
• Back lit display.
• Automatic check of blood flow and collection time.
• Automatic counterbalancing at start of collection.
• Automated calibration.
• Manual and automatic tube clamping.
• Automatic tube sensing in the clamp.
• Pre-programmed standard volumes, easy to change.
• Battery status on display.
• Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and more on      request.

Technical manual

Manual bm550

product sheet bm550


declaration of conformity

Manual BMCom

BM550 FW bundle 220525