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Quality Mixer

QA Mixer works against ergonomic injuries in hand wrists and shoulders which happens during manual operation. QA Mixer strips the tube and mix the bag automatically. QA Mixer is adjustable from 3-10 stripping cycles and 3-10 mixing cycles. For example the tube will be stripped 5 times and the bag will be mixed 10 times between each strip. QA Mixer is suitable for all blood bags on the market.

Technical data
Mains unit inlet: 24 V
Mixing cycle: 11 cycles per minute
Dimensions: 290 (L) x 253 (W) x 150 (H) mm.
Weight: 5 kg
Max Weight: 500 g
Power supply unit: inlet 230 VAC + – 10%, outlet 24 V
Symbol: CE marked

Product Specification