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EXPIRED PRODUCT: Biomixer 330-1

BM330-1 has a unique programming capability which makes blood banks free to choose their own strategy for data registration associated to blood collection and later easily change it according to new global regulations or their own needs.
BM330-1 is ready to be connected to a local network for transferring registration and collection data to a central host computer, on-line registration. BM330-1 can also be ordered with XBee module or upgraded with XBee module for wireless transmission.
This minimizes the risk of mixing up blood bags, speeds up and improves the succeeding analysis and treatment of blood. BM330-1 is powered by a mains adaptor or interchangeable battery for both stationary and mobile Collections.

Technical data

Power supply: Mains adaptor 100-240 VAC also operates as a battery charger
Power consumption: Max 10VA
Fuses (built in): Self recovery fuses
Max volume: (collected blood) 800 ml
Collected volume: 50-999 ml (collected blood)
Accuracy: <1% of max weight +- 1 ml
Taring range: 0-600g
Mixing cycle: 16 cycles/minute
Data storage: Up to 1 million Collections
PC connection: RS232, 9-pole Dsub male or USB
Network connection: RS485 (multidrop) 6/4 modular
Wireless connection: XBee (optional)
Barcode reader connection: RS232
Dimensions: 290 (L) x 253 (W) x 185 (H) mm
Weight: 3.7 kg (4.4 kg incl battery)
Protective classification: Class II, type B

Techical Manual

Manual BM330-1 - BM323-1

Declaration of Conformity


Manual BMcom